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Best Social Media Tools

Best Social Media Tools

There are many social media monitoring products out there and there’s still room for growth. Best Social Media Tools In this context choosing the right tool for your business becomes a challenge.

The important thing to remember is that the client’s goals will dictate the best resource or resources.

A clear simple and intuitive interface One of the purposes of an SM monitoring tool is to save time on the user’s side. If it takes him forever to navigate on the platform it’s a lost cause.

A shared calendar that provides a structured overview of all SM channels with the possibility to plan postings for each channel. This is a major stress-buster, especially for media agencies.

As a social media agency the ability to involve clients in the entire process allow them to approve postings make suggestions plan and schedule upcoming posts with the team. This is very helpful especially when confronted with over-posting by both team and clients.

What is Social Media?

Social media is that the medium to connect people or they also share or exchange their info as well as ideas to all or any over the globe.

But if we tend to talk about some years back situation then it looks to very old as compared to today’s life.

So, there’s a very high quantity of change stepping into our lifestyle. For current days many things have become very simple and helpful these days.

When the concept of the net needs to innovate, it had been a golden day for all persons. After obtaining large success on the net or web social media was introduced so it’s becoming an everyday a part of everyone’s life.

Social media is that the sensible platform to create new friends check new updates or news here also you’ll be able to complain about any issue.


Here are the top 20 picks for social media tools for monitoring:

Social Media Tools


HootSuite is a tool for brand monitoring. It offers social monitoring scheduling campaigns and analytics beat one place. It integrates completely different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


It is a great tool to use during live tweetstorms or a live event. Simultaneously, it can be used to keep an eye on your brand’s notification and mentions on Twitter.

Google Alerts

What may be higher than choosing Google Alerts It shows all the places and websites where you or your brand is getting mentioned in the SERP.

Twitter Analytics

There are only a few social networks that provide you analytics. Twitter is one such network. Twitter analytics offers you a detailed insight of however your brand is performing.

Social Mention

Resembling a lot of to its name Social Mention aggregates and shows all of the blog microblog image and video content.


It is an amazing tool that gives you insights about your followers, interactions, and engagements across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Mentionmapp is very intuitive and interactive. It shows who has mentioned you the most. Along with that, you can also see who has retweeted your post the most and which post has got the maximum retweets.


Klout is your content handyman. It assists you with the content to be shared on Facebook and Twitter. It also permits you to share content right from the app.


Followerwonk is like a Twitter detective. Jokes apart! It helps to search the right kind of audience without breaking a buck. So if you’re using this tool it’d fetch Twitter bios and profile where you or your brand gets a mention.


Just like its name, this tool crawls message boards community forums and discussion panels to see what people are saying about you and your brand.


AgoraPulse is a nice social analytics tool that helps you determine your best content and see what users want. And we all know that social media sucks time like a plague.

But AgoraPulse is good medicine for it. This tool is a huge time saver for social media marketers. It helps you execute virtually all your social media tasks in one place.

ANALYTICS (Snapchat and Instagram)

Analytics lets you see how much engagement your Snapchat and Instagram photos and stories are getting. It provides analytics that helps you focus on the content types that generate the most impact for your brand on social.

 Audience Connect (Twitter)

Audience Connect is a great tool from Audiense that helps you uncover details about your audience to discover relevant macro and micro-influencers and call the best social media marketing shots.

 Iconosquare (Instagram and Facebook)

You also get to see when your customers are mostly online so you can put out content only when they are most likely to engage with it. Iconosquare also lets you monitor comments and respond to them after which you can tick them as read so everything remains organized.


It is a powerful resource and is currently our primary tool because it aggregates the most media types and has very configurable profiles that help us serve our enterprise customers.

The negatives are the sentiment functionality and the lack of ability to drive the region down to the state or local level.

Followerwonk (Twitter)

Followerwonk specializes in Twitter analytics. It helps you search Twitter followers with the highest follower numbers compare Twitter accounts analyze any Twitter user’s profile and track changes in follower numbers whether for your brand or a competitor’s.


Instant social insight This tool is amazing at monitoring all social outlets for whatever you’re looking for. I use it to find brand mentions and link shares to thanks people and follow them back.


Now in beta, this service finds you keep track of your social relationships and maintain them. Get your targets and get alerts every morning to keep connections going and build new ones with influential friends and followers.

Social Studio

Social Studio is a tool from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It helps you listen to conversations on social media to publish content and engage your audience all from one place.

It also allows you to create topic categories from what users are saying on social media and analyze their sentiments around those topics which help to prioritize your social media tasks.


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Earn money

How to earn Money from Instagram?

How to earn money from Instagram?

Instagram is a good platform to create trust between you or your product and the client. The created trust can be used to sell a product or service.

Instagram is a big platform where you’ll simply begin any business like Food blogger Fashion or Travel blogger.

You can start the business of photography like product photographer event photographer etc. All these can be effective but I prefer Affiliate marketing business is a more effective and helpful business.

Some people use Instagram as the only platform for selling their products. For others, this is only one of the directions.

First of all, the product or service should be interesting and attractive from a visual point of view.

It’s easy to make beautiful photos of jewelry, clothes, notepads. But do not just take a picture of the bricks.

Therefore, Instagram is not suitable for all products. Not every business can make money on Instagram.

But if your product or service can be displayed beautifully. Then it’s worth a try. Instagram is still a developing and popular social network.

To successfully conduct business on Instagram, you will need the use of official advertising on Instagram.

You can set up official advertising from Instagram through setting up advertising on Facebook. Just now the ad delivery is available right in the application.


Ways for How to earn money from Instagram

Instagram is the most profitable social media platform If you aren’t taking advantage of Instagram to build your business then you are highly missing out.

There are many ways to monetize your account the only thing limiting your possibilities is your creativity.

Promoting someone else’s offer. Clickbank or Maxbounty are some of the big Affiliate Marketing channels to get promotions.

As the middle man, you get a cut of the sale. You must direct the user to a landing page as Instagram doesn’t like it when your link takes someone to an affiliate offer.

Income from lead generation

The money is in the list. If you have someone’s email that means you can contact them again & again and try to sell them whatever you like physical products affiliate offers software etc.

Usually, back-end selling works best with this which means you offer value to them and building trust as upfront selling seems to be rather ineffective compared to back-end selling on social media.

  • Ecommerce

Influencer Marketing is a Billion dollar business on Instagram. Nearly 42% of pictures are of products on install too. No doubt selling physical products is very profitable on Instagram. Instagram & Facebook are responsible for building the Shopify/ dropshipping boom to what it is today.

  • Growth Packages/ Instagram Consulting

People want to know how and they will pay you for it and a lot of money at that Instagram consulting for businesses and brands is, in my opinion, the most profitable way to monetize Instagram.

  • Brand Deals

If you have a large following you can be sponsored and paid by Brands to promote their products.

  • Flipping Accounts

Instagram accounts are worth a lot of money especially if they have over 100,000 Followers. The average 100,000 follower account can go for between $1,500 – $5,000 depending on the activity of the page niche and other factors.

Even now many people don’t know what these pages are worth so you have a lot of sharks going out there and targeting foreigners who don’t know what their accounts are worth. Buy on the low sell on the high.

  • Sponsored posts

If you have an account with a large number of followers usually from 5000 followers then you can think of making money from the sponsored post. Of course, you need to truly consistent in content your images also need to fit the brand and the product that you want to reach.

  • Use Instagram to promote your products and services

It is similar to what you do with Facebook Instagram would be a particularly good place if you are also present on it. Beautiful pictures of your products your services will easily attract attention. It also is the best way to navigate the traffic on your online store.

  • Sell your images

If you have these beautiful photos on Instagram so selling these images is that you can think about. There are several websites where you can upload your images to sell them with a price of $5 per one time of download and the purchase is not limited. So you can sell a photo multiple times.



How to earn money from Instagram, Thus we see that Instagram is a humongous source of earning money online. It is such a Social media application that gives you the liberty to earn money through enjoying your hobby and at the ease of your home.

If you follow the higher than said choices you’ll simply create wealth and might enjoy it.
These are the times that have given humanity the most probabilities to be rich and famous.

So don’t let this opportunity pass away from you.

Earn money

15 career options in Digital Marketing

15 career options in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing course is emerging from last few years and it has great opportunities as in jobs as well in freelancing works.

In monetary terms as well digital marketing is way more better than any other course in the market by doing a simple course from any private there are many institutes which are providing digital marketing after doing course from institute you can get a starting salary of 25000 easily and more than that if you are recruited in big multinationals.

These are the different fields in which you can work in the digital marketing:


SEO means in simple terms getting ranked on first page of Google So basically as a SEO executive work is to do such activities through which your company get rankings in search page.

Developing different SEO strategies and buildings links for your website. Salary range for SEO executive is between 15k to 20k.

Social Media Marketing there very high jobs In this particular field of digital marketing as huge crowd is diverting to social media.

So companies are focusing on getting business from these sources by promoting their product on social media Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and many social media platforms and here you can get salary in between 20k to 30k as a fresher.

Company need content writers for their websites for different purposes ss well so the requirement of content writers are high in this field as this is field of creativity.

The more uniqueness in writing the more the remuneration will be. As every other person is Not good in writing. As a fresher you can get salary between 15k to 25k to as a fresher.

There are many job opportunities in the PPC (per per click) that is based on google adwords in PPC executive have to create campaigns and should generate business for company.

The growth in this profile is little high than other profile as you are generating exact revenue to the Company.

The salary is high in this profile as a fresher you can get salary of 30k to 40k thousand and high salary hike if you are shifting your job after some of year experience. 

There are large number of jobs in Google analyst and there job is to prove technical support to company for Google analytics suits product and giving updates to the company about their products and behaviour of product on basics to best prices.

Coordinate with other departments like product management sales department. The salary range would be around 18k to 30k.

Google adsense where its completely paid ads which you have to do it is for getting a quick result it is known as the traffic which is paid traffic. SEM is part of Google ads Search engine marketing.

Digital marketing directors frequently function as a major aspect of a bigger group. As a digital marketing administrator your endeavours would be focused on advancing and marketing through particular media and versatile outlets for example the Web email content and long range interpersonal communication destinations.

  • Web Marketing specialist

A Web publicist is in charge of composing all the content for the different channels of digital marketing efforts.

You would centre around composing particularly for different media channels for example email impacts content battles long range interpersonal communication webpage posts fly up advertisements and site content.

  • Inbound Marketing Manager

An inbound marketer will create a method for attracting customers. One of the inbound marketing methods is content marketing.

While the inbound marketing manager creates a method on how to attract customers using content marketing the content marketing manager can focus on execution of that strategy.

  • Conversion Rate Optimiser

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is that the systematic method of increasing the percentage of website guests who take a desired action be that filling out a form turning into customers or otherwise.

  • Copy Writers

The copywriter will facilitate the search engine marketer write higher ad copy help the social media manager post better words on social media channels help the content team refine their content for better reception.
  • Search Engine Marketers 

The goal of a search engine marketer is to bring the target range of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget.

Most of the work is concerned in analysis bid management keyword research ad copy writing and split testing the ad campaigns.

Content marketing is responsibility of Content Marketing Manager like content marketing includes blog sales page copy writing email communication marketing campaigns video marketing guest blogging etc. 3–5 years of experience is required for this post.

Freelancing is the concept of offering your services to clients on a part-time basis from your home.

Sitting at your home you’ll be able to build your clients globally. Thanks to online websites like, etc. You can start offering your freelancing services.
  • Customer Identity Management

We all know what customers need. They need a good friction less unified client expertise to be treated preferentially as individuals personalised experience simple use and accessibility to rise continously want brands to interact with them and build relationships reasons to remain loyal and clearly need rewards for being a loyal client.

Are There Other Occupational Choices?

The abilities required for digital marketing are material to a wide assortment of professions in different ventures for example data innovation correspondences deals and marketing.

There are many other job profiles for digital marketing experts which I haven’t mentioned here for that You can apply and search jobs from Naukri , Shine and many other job searching platforms. 15 career options in Digital Marketing



Social Media

Tik tok Banned in India

Tik Tok Banned in India

Tik Tok Banned in India The tik tok of this app has got looked out now in India. It has been removed from the google play store. Tiktok was at top charts in Google play now it’s time and era has run out.

It has been argued that the app was being used for pornographic content and was a playground for pedophiles. China already banned it for age below 13 years.

Some pages in it had rampant pornographic scenes, violence, etc. It made people do dangerous or obscene acts on the streets. Tik Tok means unemployment. It is only for people who want to pursue a career in acting.

Many people reportedly died while shooting tik tok videos. It has copyright issues regarding background music and dialogues from movies.

But still, there are hearings for it this month so it hasn’t been completely banned. It just has been removed from the play store.

The popular app used by teenagers for creation and sharing of short videos was available on application stores of both Google and Apple until Tuesday evening but is no longer available for downloads on both platforms.

According to an earlier report order will help stop further downloads of the application but people who have already downloaded it will be able to continue using it on their smartphones.
Earlier in the week, the Supreme Court had also refused to stay the interim ban on the app’s downloads.

Google and Apple have removed Chinese net firm Bytedance’s social media app TikTok from the Play Store and App Store following directions of the Ministry of electronics and information technology to do so once an order by the Madras high court on April 3 to ban its downloads.

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The Madras High Court on April 3 asked the government to ban Tik Tok saying that it encouraged pornography and made child users vulnerable to sexual predators.

There were also several incidents that led to Tik Tok Banned in India.

  1. A 19-year-old boy Mohammad Salman was shot dead accidentally by his friend Suhail Malik while he was posing for a Tik Tok video.
  2. A man in Punjab lost his life after he came under a tractor while he was trying to get on a moving tractor to shoot a Tik Tok video.
  3. One college student from Tamil Nadu lost his life after accidentally ramming into a bus while riding on a scooter with his two friends just to shoot a video for Tik Tok.
  4. Vulgar content
  5. Kiki challenge: The challenge involves a person to jump out of a moving car, dance to the opening lines of the popular jig and then jump back into the moving vehicle.
  6. A man slits his throat making a tik to video in Chennai.
  7. 24-year-old shot in Delhi

The company responding in a statement on Tuesday had said that it was confident its 120 million users would continue to use the platform. That’s why Tik Tok Banned in India.

It had also said that it removed over six million videos that violated its Terms of Use and Community Guidelines following a review of the content generated by its users in India. However, it has not commented on the removal of the app from Google and Apple stores yet.

Like everything it’s positive and negative sides so does tik tok on the positive side it changed the lives of many people and made them the so-called online celebrities and became a source of income who need it.

Some people even consider this app as their stress buster but some people always find a way to ruin everything. Some post the video’s which shouldn’t be watched by minors and some post some vulgar videos and some misguiding.

Since there is no check of the age of the users some minors are getting affected. There is always a trade-off but the government had taken a serious decision.

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What is Growth Hacking?

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is about achieving compound growth rates down the funnel which means iterative gains in the product and marketing channels.

It grew up in the world of startups where young businesses had to find ways to get above the noise with little budgets and put the product at the center of their world.

The process of GH ought to be focused on identifying the bottleneck within the sales and product funnel and then moving to run experiments to remove the bottleneck.

It’s a process of iterative growth leveraging empirical data and aggressive experimentation from the top to the bottom of the sales and product funnel. Perhaps better described as Agile Marketing leveraging a more holistic set of tools.

Growth hackers as mentioned are very inventive. People who always see outside of the box. They experiment and are not afraid to make mistakes.

They set new limits they change the game and see things where others think it is empty.

Aim of Growth Hacking

The aim is to find all of the tactics that provide incremental or occasionally explosive growth and breakthrough the identified bottlenecks. This is the process similar to the one we use at Rebel Hack.

To be a successful growth marketer you will probably have some experience working in the digital marketing arena but development and or data science skills make you a cut above the rest.

Many experiments you run will never have been tried before you should be able to think on your feet not be scared of coming up with new ideas be dependent on finding growth using your area of experience.


Many of those who call themselves Growth Marketers find a distinctive difference between what’s traditionally defined as “Growth Hacking” and what’s evolved into “Growth Marketing”.

Growth hacking teams can be made up of more traditional marketers and growth marketers with varying skill sets from software development to content marketers and UI/UX designers to data engineers.

After identifying bottlenecks experiments will be run over a series of weeks or days with teams working within the SCRUM methodology taken straight from software development.

This is what you might call an experiment sprint. The aim is to find all of the tactics that provide incremental growth and breakthrough the identified bottlenecks.

Besides being just another buzzword growth hacking is a really simple concept that happens to sound very intangible.

A growth hacker is an inventor. A person who sees opportunities where not many people do.

Growth hacking is a process involving:

  • Defining metrics to focus on

Having Key performance indicators (KPI) is the key to growth hacking. It needs to be clear which metrics need to be growth hacked before even starting the growth hacking process.

  • Marketing

Define the target market and competition choose which marketing channels to use depending on the KPI selected above.

  • A/B testing

It’s important to always be testing in order to see what works and what doesn’t.

  • Data analysis + Feedback

Growth Hacking is nothing without data. If you cannot track your actions and measure your results this is not growth hacking.

  • Automation

It’s important to respect this order and automation comes at last. You don’t want to automate your actions if you aren’t sure they work and give results.

  • Product Development

This is where a lot of people don’t understand growth hacking and believe this is just a new way to call marketing. 

Growth hacking is related to marketing and it for sure implies a process of both thinking and acting towards efficient ways of growing your business. Therefore, where others see obstacles or dead-end growth hackers see chances.


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What is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers or prospects who interested in your products or services into customers.

Nowadays the buying process has changes and marketing professionals need to find new tactics to reach buyers and get heard through the noise.

Finding customers through traditional or outbound marketing and email marketing or inbound marketing.

Every marketing professional focus on learning about customers’ requirements and build a strong relationship with customers or buyers.

Generating leads is the aim of every marketer and business because without lead your business dead. Lead generation is the lifeblood of every business.

Lead generation is the process of attracting consumer interest or inquiry into a product or service. Leads are essentially people that have warmed up to you and what you’re selling. They’re potential customers that are ripe for the picking.

Using effective lead generation strategies your marketing team should be able to supply your sales team with a whole bunch of leads to keep your business continuously growing.

Prospects become leads when they indicate interest in your company’s product or service in one way or another.

Perhaps they filled in a form online or clicked on a specific link on your website. In any case, no matter how they are cultivated leads are a fundamental part of the sales process and always deserve a bit of love and attention.

What is the importance of Lead Generation?

To acquire leads or generate leads for a service or product this is usually done in a free or paid process such as driving organic traffic from social media or paid traffic from google.

For example, if you were selling an e-book you would use an offer or landing page and direct traffic from either social media or a google search. Stating gets a free chapter of my new book.

To obtain this the interested parties would exchange their email for the free chapter of your book. As they are interested in your first free offering and you now have their email you can now offer those leads information on how to buy your book or any similar service you may offer.

Create free offer setup a lead capture page such as click funnels drive traffic to your lead capture page once leads are captured you follow up with offers.

Building the process that will make the business heard in the noisy marketplace. Marketers have started to build a relationship with the buyers instead of finding them through mass advertisements.

The emergence of a New Marketing with a New Buying Process

In the new market economy, the buyers are self-sufficient in taking the decision and selecting the items that they need or want to buy.

When in the earlier era of marketing companies used to collect buyer’s information as leads which then transferred to the sales team.

The change is happening due to the availability of information leading to a market where the sales team doesn’t have to talk to the buyers until they have enough information about the product.

Cold calling people who have no information about the product don’t help instead wastes the marketing resources. So, through a solid lead generation plan first companies try to build trust and then capture the interest. It allows sales teams to be more productive.

What is the role of Lead Funnel and how it helps?

A funnel keeps leads and customers into a system where they are being judged on different conditions and offered relevant products. The marketing effort never ends it continues even after your lead matures.

Leads get snatched because buyers have less information on the product. In most of the cases purchased leads behaves like this.

Leads if approached when they know nothing about your product leads to failure in conversion. It happens most of the time for purchased leads.

This is the reason lead nurturing and Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) techniques now used in place of Top of the Funnel (TOFU) marketing.

The new age of readily available abundant information with economic attention how is it helping?

We have seen how the growth of the internet revolutionized the world with an abundant source of information from very scarce resources just a few decades ago. It was not like this even till 2003.

The attention economics means a growing amount of information creates attention scarcity. Overwhelming the buyers with a vast amount of information has made their decision making very difficult.


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How to create a WordPress Website?

What is WordPress?

WordPress has been here for around 13 fruitful years and getting to be top choices for substance administration programming for non-blogging sites. WordPress is the most famous CMS platform that can be used for a variety of websites.

The possibility of using WordPress is almost infinite. You can use WordPress to the extent of your creativity. It’s very easy to install WordPress and many web hosting services offer automated one-click installation.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and the WordPress community is very active. The community has collaborated on creating an unparalleled collection of enhancements plugins and themes. So, if you need a website you might want to consider having a WordPress site.

I will share the easiest way to get started even if you don’t have any knowledge in web development. After doing so you can explore things very easily without any knowledge barrier.

There are many ways to build a website and it all depends upon the requirements of the website.

How to create a WordPress Website?

Step 1: Name for Website

The first thing you have to do is name the website. There are so many websites on the internet so the name you planning to give might be taken by someone else. So, go to Domain Name Search website to check available names. Use .com as an end phrase if you don’t have any specific requirements.

Step 2: Registration of Website

Now, you have the name of your website. You have to register for the name you choose and just like we store files on our computer we need something to store your website files. There are many service providers available who will give you this service.

Secure & Reliable Hosting (Bluehost) Domain Names The World’s Largest Domain Name Registrar- GoDaddy is the best one. So, go with any service providers and register for your website name. Also, you have to take the storage plan. Start with the cheapest one because you don’t need all the features in the beginning.

Step 3: Get the Cheapest hosting

If you are unable to find out any reliable cheap hosting then you can opt for a Blue host which is really good and you will only be charged the amount of $5 per month.

Step 4: Install the Word Press

You can directly install Word Press through the most popular company named Go Daddy by just a click. You only have to choose any username and seven-character password which you can remember easily. You are all set to start.

Step 5: Buy the premium Word Press theme from the Theme forest

Any advanced website is not made in fewer amounts. The web developers also install the Word Press theme from the Theme forest and then they customize according to your requirements. So this you can yourself and save money.

It takes lesser time as compared with the method above as you just need to select an appropriate theme on the desired framework or CMS. Then customize the theme according to your requirements by editing the codes. This also requires a good knowledge of coding.

Step 6: Building Website

There are so many ways to create websites even if you don’t know any technical things. I will suggest you go with WordPress because it’s the best platform for a long very time.

Create a Free Website or Blog you have to use (WordPress . org)Blog Tool Publishing Platform and CMS  WordPress. Now go to youtube and see how to install WordPress in the Blue host or Go daddy or whatever service provider you had taken. Now, you can create a website using WordPress.

Step 7: Create the best content

None of the websites can be live without an adequate amount of content so you can either write by yourself or outsourcing it to the experts. As your theme has inbuilt SEO so you don’t have to bother about the SEO part in your content keep in mind that the content should be original and error-free.

Find out the trending topics in your domain and start writing on them and then once you have proofread the documents start uploading them online. Remember that the content should be engaging and informative as the lengthy and invalid content is not entertained by the readers.

Step 8: Have an account with Google Adwords

Once you sign up you will be getting few free vouchers to keep them but you will be asked to deposit $50- $100 and then spend around $10 on your first go. Though it’s costly its ROI will compensate all the cost incurred.


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Web Design vs. Web Development

Web Design vs. Web Development 

Website Designing

Web Design vs. Web Development. Website specialists should dependably start by considering a customer’s site targets and after that proceed onward to an Information Architecture (IA) to set a site’s data progressive system and help control the plan procedure.

Next website specialists can begin making wireframes lastly move to the plan organize.

Website specialists may utilize a few essential outline standards to accomplish a stylishly satisfying design which additionally offers superb client encounter.

Design Principles

• Balance

It’s vital for website specialists to make an adjusted format. In website composition, we allude to overwhelming and light components.

Utilizing the right extent of each is basic to accomplishing an adjusted web composition.

• Contrast

Website architecture offers a couple of different territories where differentiate is material.

Planners take a gander at differentiating sizes surfaces and shapes to characterize and attract regard for specific areas of the site.

• Emphasis

We addressed this a bit while examining contrast. It’s imperative to take note of that in the event that you underline everything on the page you wind up accentuating nothing.

  • Consistency

Likewise called redundancy or mood consistency is a basic website composition guideline. For instance, a perfect and steady route gives the best client experience to your site guests.

  • Unity

Solidarity is the connection between the different parts of the site design and the creation of all in all.

Situated in the Gestalt hypothesis solidarity manages how the human cerebrum outwardly arranges data by gathering components into classes.

Website Development

Web engineers now and again called developers to take the plan made and manufacture a completely working site.

To put it essentially think about the plan as a non-intelligent “picture” of a site. Engineers enjoy that outline and reprieve it up into its parts.

They at that point either utilize just HTML or a more powerful approach joining programming dialects for example PHP to build up the different site pages.

Web developers may change over a static format into a dynamic site by utilizing picture and substance sliders dynamic states for connections and catches and other intuitive components.

Further developed web engineers may use a Content Management System (CMS) like Word Press or Joomla

Keeping in mind the end goal to streamline improvement and permit customers a simple approach to keep up and refresh their site.

Web Design vs. Web Development.

Through eye capturing post or random status updates, you can easily gain the attention of an audience which led to growing your business marvelously.

Whether you have a small business or large industry social media is the most powerful tool to expand your business and connect with your audience through share comments and likes.

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy plays a vital role in the growth of your Business. Both works are of different nature web design is more of an artistic field while web development comprises mostly of technicalities of a website.

  • In web design, people with artistic and creative minds get more successful. Women have left-brain functioning better than men which is why they are better off at design.
  • In web development 89% of the recruiters prefer the candidate having a bachelor’s degree in computers or web programming while 83% web designing recruiters prefer degree and in graphics design.
  • For web design skills that are needed in a person are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, JavaScript, Adobe Acrobat.
  • For web development, these skills are required in a person. JavaScript, PHP, HTML5 and Java.
  • If we talk about demand or job openings then a 23% rise in demand has been witnessed for web developers as compared to only a 13% rise for the designers.
  • Salary wise developer earns well as well like the average income of a web developer is estimated to be 70k while the designer only makes like average 51k annually.

In recent times those phrases are definitely interchangeable as “web agencies” trade the manner they describe their services.

The reality is that the terms reference basically distinctive components of the website building method requiring two specific talent sets.


Conclusion (Web Design vs. Web Development.)


Web developers are overall well off then designers as there are more job openings as well as higher pay scale.

If we talk of about being naturally better at some work than women would are more likely to succeed in the designing field than in development because of being left minded and naturally good at creativity.

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How to Increase Traffic on Website?

How to Increase Traffic on Website?

How to Increase Traffic on Website? Driving traffic is an essential part of any online venture. It’s the very first thing you must do to creating a profitable and productive marketing funnel for your online business.

It is certainly preferable to support an SEO expert but from a practical point of view, even the less experienced can contribute to increasing the number of their online visitors.

Treat the whole exercise as an end-to-end campaign instead of a one-off activity. Jot down a proper plan for pre-launch and after launch.

People are searching for your business online as you read this article. Just because you have a website does not mean that you will be found online. SEO has become an important tool that needs to be included in any online marketing plan.

People who get there click on the hyperlink and they simply directed to your website.How to Increase Traffic on Website?

Having interlinks in the website makes the user navigate from one page to another page. This helps the website to decrease the bounce rate.

Do you only need to follow these ten golden rules for How to Increase Traffic on Website?


  • Responsive Website/loading speed

Having a responsive and fast loading website is a must. To achieve this you should have an excellent SEO optimized theme and great hosting to start.

The use of portable devices has increased and it will continue to grow. It is better to keep your website optimized for mobile devices to avoid a high bounce rate.

It is a well-known fact that if your website is slow the bounce rate will go up and it will eventually hurt your SEO and the efforts you have put in to drive the traffic. You can use the tool Google PageSpeed Insights to optimize page speed.

  • Keyword research and content optimization

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO. You should target the most relevant and long-tail keywords to make sure you drive the targeted audience only.

Also, creating content around the keywords won’t help you will have to optimize the article and use the keywords in the Meta tags too. Just make sure your content is SEO optimized. You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.

  • Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the most critical aspects of SEO. Try to link the most relevant articles and pages from the article you have published.

Internal links connect your content and provide Google a concept of the structure of your website. How to Increase Traffic on Website?

They can establish a hierarchy on your site allowing you to provide the most important pages and posts more link value than other less valuable pages. So using the proper internal linking strategy will boost your SEO.

As soon as you start your blog start building your subscribers list too.
Even if you do not sell anything you can use the email list to share your newly written article and drive more traffic via email marketing.

You can use email marketing tools like MailChimp, SendinBlue, ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, etc

You can gain more visitors if you post valuable content. Write a blog design your images animations film podcasts. Of course, it’s hard work but it pays off if you buckle down to it.

We live in the era of mobile marketing and fewer and fewer people use computers or desktop. We continuously use mobiles or tablets one the bus in the waiting room even in the bath.

However, avoid promoting your content overtly. If you want to be perceived as a pro focus on helping people.

If they find your contribution handy they will be willing to buy from you in the future. On top of that people hate when you bombard them with ads on every possible occasion.

I think this point doesn’t need much discussion. But still, I would like to say that do not neglect social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

  • Polish your SEO

Generally, SEO refers to activities that aim to boost website traffic through organic search engine results. An organic search means that a person found the site on her own without clicking on AdWords campaigns.

Plus If you write longer articles on your blog search engines will like it more. The point is Google is equipped with a long list of principles that define what good content means.

Engines assume that broader content provides more information and therefore it’s more useful for people. In effect, your site can jump higher in search engines.

  • Optimize your headlines

Google has a specified space for headlines. If you create a longer title the browser may show just a part of it. There are also widespread techniques that may catch attention. Ask a question use quotes dates strong adjectives and verbs.

Also, some marketers claim that using a round number may work better as well. As far as I know, it’s connected with human nature.

Doing some research would be a good thing too. There are plenty of programs that help to find the best keywords. These words and phrases are popular among internet users around the world.

  • A clear call to actions

Make your CTAs visible the best place is at the top of the site. You can boost your traffic and get leads if you to offer some incentive.

We, humans, like to get things for free and it’s not rocket science that people are more eager to buy products with additional free items.

  • Practice guest posting

Write to bigger brands. Plenty of them accept a good copy, so it’s a great chance for you to get relevant traffic. You can also accept guest posts from other writers. It’s a win-win situation.

There are many other things you could do. But I find these traffic wangles good practices to start with.

Guest blogging is the best way to reach your audience. Collaborate with other website owners and create quality content to impress the visitors and get the necessary traction on your article.

Do not forget to promote these guest articles on your network it will help guest blogging platform and your post too.


How to Increase Traffic on Website? It does not happen overnight so don’t get discouraged if at first, you don’t see much movement. SEO will take at least 3 months to get you going places of course if you have big budgets then you can jump up that search list even more quickly.

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What is E-mail Marketing?

What is E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing is a good and a popular way to reach to your customers for the business. Direct email marketing reaches those peoples who are interested in your business area of expertise.

It doesn’t matter that what you’re selling it is one of the best ways to reach thousands of potential customers directly at less cost as compared to advertising on other forms of media exposure.

Why E-mail Marketing?

Why you have to choose E-mail marketing for your business?

  • Emails are simply targeted specifically to ideal customers.
    Keep in mind this along with the email cost-effectiveness the wonders of the email marketing ROI’s often blows than the other direct marketing strategies.
  • Email marketing is a cheap kind of marketing and reaches hundreds to Millions of peoples.
You can do email marketing in 2 ways in which whether to do it by yourself or by some email marketing agency however to do this factor would be better for

you and also beneficial for you.

  • With the help of the analytics tool now it’s easy to track conversions of your emails. You can simply and instantly react to change the campaign strategy by seeing that what kind of your campaigns are working and which aren’t.

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

email marketing

Email marketing is used by thousands of online businesses worldwide and that they recognize the value of email marketing and utilize email marketing in a very good way.

8 Benefits of E-mail Marketing

1.Easy to Create

Email marketing is easy to create and doesn’t require too much time and a team to be successful.
It’s simply possible to create your email campaigns with the exploitation of fancy and engaging templates, videos, images, and eye-catching logos.

Many of the email marketing platforms offer you a drag and drop editors option which helps and allows you to create a stunning and attractive email marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

2. Cheaply Cost

One of the best and the great thing about email marketing is that it is lower in cost as compared to the other mainstream marketing channels which cost you more than email marketing or maybe double or triple.
There are no such quite prices in email marketing like print or postage prices and also there are no fees for billboard ads or a magazine.

Email marketers think about spending their cash on valuable things like investment in special software to automatize and track and evaluate their emails.
3.Increase Your Brand Awareness

Email marketing is also one of the most effective ways to increase the attention of your brand among your audience.

With every email, you sent consumers are exposed to your business and your brand and this thing will help you a lot.

The majority of the business using the platform only send messages to those peoples who have signed up to receive them.

And this thing can benefit from a high conversion rate as a business and only target those peoples who already shows interest in your brand.

4.No Characters Limit

Email marketing provides you an incredible profit as it is unlimited space for your content.
In all other many social media platforms you’re not limited to characters’ limits.

So, it is easy to keep your message to the point but the choice is yours that is how long or short the message you write to reach to your customers in the form of mail.

Make your content easy to scan and also gives you the option for more information if they want.

5. Get Immediate Results

Email marketing will give you immediate and better results and benefit your business. If you’re running a small business on every sale order or an appointment have a significant impact.

With this, you will be able to get the best results in which you are looking for the right way and you can easily track the performance of your different campaigns.


Email marketing could be a good way of taking advantage of impulse buying. There aren’t such kind of marketing platforms that permits you to go from witnessing a specific offer to buying an item within the 2 clicks.

7.Improve Social Media
Email marketing will help you in improving your social media reach for your followers who have email notifications set up they will be notified every time through the mail when you post something on your social media account.
I most of the cases they will directly see your post in the email window. This thing helps you to increase the number of peoples who see your social media posts and engage with them.