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Amazon Quiz 17 July Answers win 20,000

Amazon Quiz 17 July Answers win 20,000

Amazon Quiz contest starts at 8 am and ends at 12 pm. You are able to see a banner on the home screen. Click on the image and check the answers on this page.

Every day there’ll be different prizes and also the Amazon quiz Winners are declared by the month finish. As we all know nearly 50k to 1 lakh people play this quiz daily.

but there will be only one winner Try your luck you’ll be the lucky winner.

How to Join Amazon Quiz?

  • Download the Amazon App from Plat store or Apple Store.
  • Open and then sign in to the Amazon account
  • Go To Home Page & Scroll Down Then You Will See “Amazon Quiz 17 July” Banner, Tap On It.
  • Now Just Tap On Start Tab To Play The Quiz.
  • Then your quiz will be started and will prizes.

Amazon Quiz

Amazon Quiz 17 July 2019 Win Rs 20000 Answers:

Question 1. Which Indian state is also called the ‘Land of rising sun’ because it gets the first sunrise in the country?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Question 2. Which is the only tennis grand slam tournament that’s played on grass courts currently?

Answer: Wimbledon

Question 3. The 2006 film, The namesake, star Tabu and Irfan Khan are based on a novel of the identical name. Who is the author of that novel?

Answer: Jhumpa Lahiri

Question 4. Name the official residence of the Pope?

Answer: Apostolic Palace

Question 5. Who out of the following is NOT an Indian fashion designer?

Answer: Ravi Ruia

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Oppo f11 pro amazon quiz answers

Q1 – Which Of These Is A Color OPPO F11 Pro Is Available In? Hint – This Is The Latest Color Variant Launched For The F11 Pro.

Ans – Waterfall Gray

Q2 – OPPO F11 Pro Is Available In Which Of These Storage Variants?

Ans – 128 GB

Q3 – Which Of These Is A Feature Of The OPPO F11 Pro?

Ans – All Of The Above

Q4 – What Is The Front Selfie Camera Of OPPO F11 Pro Called?

Ans – Rising Camera

Q5 – What Is The Screen Size Of OPPO F11 Pro?

Ans – 6.5 Inches

Cadbury oreo amazon quiz answers

Q1 – The Limited Edition Oreo Music Box Will Be Launching This Cadbury Oreo On Which You Can Play Music With An Oreo Cookie. What Is It Called?

Ans – Oreo Stereo

Q2 – The Oreo Stereo Box Comes With 7-Packs Of Oreo Cookies. How Many Flavors Do You Get In One Box?

Ans – 4

Q3 – The Song On The Oreo Stereo Music Box Changes With Every Bite Of The Cookie.

Ans – True

Q4 – Apart From Playing Music, You Can Also _______ On The Oreo Stereo Music Box Using An Oreo Cookie. Fill In The Blanks.

Ans – Record A Personal Message

Q5 – The First Oreo Cookie Was Sold More Than A 100 Years Ago. True Or False?

Ans – True


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