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Shikhar Dhawan is Injured Who is the opening batsman now?

Shikhar Dhawan is Injured Who is the opening batsman now?

Shikhar Dhawan is Injured Who is the opening batsman now? Shikhar Dhawan has resigned from the World Cup series due to injury in the match against Australia. The current biggest question is the one who will open the next match.

India and Australia clashed in the 14th league match of the World Cup. The Indian team won by 36 runs in the Oval grounds.

India’s opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan was impressed with the 117-run stand for India.
During the match, Cummins watched the ball in the wavelength of the ball.

Even though he was given the first aid, he did not field. He is now out of the competition due to injury.

The Indian team will face New Zealand tomorrow (June 13). K.L.Rahal is likely to play against New Zealand in the competition.

He is the 4th player in the Indian team. He also has the experience of playing in the T20 matches. It was announced that Shikhar Dhawan would be sleeping in the next 3 weeks due to injury.

Shikhar Dhawan’s fingerprints scan has been revealed that he has suffered a fracture in the end. Shikhar Dhawan is away from the Indian team’s rally to reinforce India’s Rishabh Pant is said to go to England. Within 48 hours, the Rishabh pant is planning to go to England.

Shikhar Dhawan and rishabh pant

The Indian trophy for the World Cup did not get the Rishabh pant. Dinesh Kartik was selected as an alternative keeper for Dhoni. Dinesh Kartik has been chosen as the experienced player.

While KL Rahul will play in the next match against New Zealand, a left-hander needs a match against Pakistan. If the left-handed player is required for a Shikhar dhawan, it can be a rishabh.

The Indian cricket administration predicts that Rishabh Pant will play a good start for India. It is expected that England will soon depart for the Rishabh pant to be part of the World Cup.